and everyday life

The importance of architecture lies in the positive impact of how construction affects everyday life, optimizing the experience of those who enjoy it. In this sense, Complot commits itself in a planned way to each project, considering each proposal a unique challenge with its own identity, without neglecting the distinct signature of the studio.

The approach always starts with the place. It is from that context that everything else grows, from light to materials and atmospheres. From chromatic composition to the combination of textures and furniture design, the concept for each space is thought in a site-specific logic, transforming each space into a rich and unusual experience.

The architectural project outlined by Complot is thus carefully defined: from concept formulation to licensing with the competent entities, through the execution and monitoring the project. In all stages Complot encourages a constant dialogue with the customer – a key for the success of each project. We work in a planned and rigorous way in order to meet the goals of those who collaborate with us.

Without neglecting the creation of projects from scratch, we also understand the importance of rehabilitation nowadays, which are projects that excite us greatly. It is a big challenge to approach obsolete spaces, combining their renovation with the preservation of original elements. We measure carefully the necessary interventions, developing solutions for possible constructive, functional or aesthetic needs.

Architecture projects by Complot. Video © Belmiro Ribeiro.


The ideas of our clients are always used as the basis for starting a collaborative work, going against a result where our experience is the vehicle to materialize the intention of those who seek us. We take as starting point the dialogue with the client, which is always the foundation from which the projects will be born.


After analyzing the proposal, the development and maturation of ideas begins. It is at this stage that possibilities for embodiment will emerge – a brainstorm that will result in the best way of adapting the abstract to the real. Mood boards, where we combine materials, colors and textures will function as support and genesis to consolidate each proposal.


It is at this stage that we move to the materialization of ideas. Through a wide network of contacts, we’ll bring to the project the best professionals who will carry out the proposed goals, turning into reality what was previously on paper. From the overall to the specific, all aspects of the program are taken into account, always with the utmost dedication.

Architecture projects